Death metal - Black Metal - Trash Metal

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Rot-Weißes Schriftlogo der Band Master
Logo Master

MASTER (US/CZ) Death Metal est. 1985


Master is a death metal band led by Paul Speckmann. The band was originally formed in Chicago, United States,

but later relocated to the Czech Republic. The band was originally formed in 1983 as Death Strike, after the demise of the band War Cry.


The band's sound was influenced by Venom, Slayer and Motorhead. In 1985, Speckmann renamed the band Master, and obtained a record

deal with Combat Records







Demo (1985)

Nuke ‘em (Demo, 1988)

Master/Abomination (Split-7"-EP, 1990)

Master (1990)

On the Seventh Day God Created…Master (1991)

Collection of Souls (1993)

Demo (1995)

Master/Excision (Split-7"-EP mit Excision, 1996)

Faith Is in Season (1998)

Live at Mexico City (Live-Video, 2000)

Follow Your Savior (EP, 2001)

Let’s Start a War (2002)

Unreleased 1985 Album (2003, Originalaufnahmen von 1985)

Pieces (Compilation, 2003)

The Spirit of the West (2004)

Masterpieces (Compilation mit u. a. auch Liedern anderer Speckmann-Projekte, 2005)

Everything Is Rotten (Demo, 2005)

Four More Years of Terror (2005)

Slaves to Society (2007)

Human Machine (2010)

The New Elite (2012)

Funeral Bitch (Unreleased Album, 2013)

The Witchhunt (2013)

An Epiphany of Hate (2016)

Schwarzweiß Logo der Band Goath mit Schwert, Pentagramm und Ziegenbock
Bandlogo Goath


Black Metal, Death Metal (Nürnberg)


Muerte - Bass, Vox

Goathammer - Guitar, Vox

Serrator - Drums

Rautenförmiges Schwarzweiß Logo der Band Casket
Bandlogo Casket




Already formed back in 1990, CASKET started to torment their instruments with savagery, fury and relentless brutality, but also with an overdose of enthusiasm and nonchalance.

If you listen to CASKET, you listen to no trends, no hypes, just honest Death Metal!

Susi (Bass), 

Schorsch (Guitars/ Vokills) 

Marinko (Drums)







1991 Demo "'Ne Vollkanne" (self-released) 

1993 Demo "Demo '93" (self-released) 

1994 Demo "Endtime" (self-released) 

1996 Demo "Meant To Be Dead" (Chaos Magazine) 

1998 CD "Under The Surface" (self-released) 

2002 Promo "Faces Of The Dead/ Still Warm" (CD-R) 

2008 Digi-CD "Upright Decay" (MDD Records) 

2009 Vinyl-LP “Upright Decay” (Joe Black Records) 

2013 Digi-CD “Undead Soil” (Blow Jack Records) 

2013 Vinyl-LP “Undead Soil” (Joe Black Records) 

2015 Digi-CD “Under The Surface Re-Issue” (Blow Jack Records) 

2017 Digi-CD “Unearthed” (Blow Jack Records)

2018 Vinyl-LP “Unearthed” (Joe Black Records)

Weißer Schriftzug auf schwarz über einer Fledermaus mit Totenkopfgesicht
Bandlogo Hellburst



Black / Thrash Metal (Bamberg)


Rancid Metal Mayhem


SSS - Guitar

DDD - Drums

IO - Bass

VVV - Vokills